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Customer Service

Excitement about good customer service.
It is amazing how excited we can get about good customer service. Especially, because when I was little it was expected that service would be good.
We had a good waiter at lunch. He was friendly, he had good direct eye contact, he gave his name, he was polite. He did not interrupt. He did not rush us. But, we knew he was close by. When the kitchen mixed one of the orders, the manager personally delivered the meal to the table. The young man was doing his job and doing it well.

Sylvia's Gems of Wisdom

Today, there has been deep feelings of gratitude. I was not affected by the fires that have hit Texas so hard. I am grateful to have my home, my family, food, electricity.
I am humbled by the strength that people have displaced in the last few days.
We realize that change is inevitable but when it comes in the form of a fire destroying your home, your car, your animals, etc. one has to dig deep to get up and start again.
Kudos, hugs, prayers to the hundreds that are having to accept that change today.
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