The following are topics for keynotes and workshops that Sylvia personalizes for her clients:
  • That is Not What I Meant! Men and Women in Communications
A fun interactive presentation on gender communications
  • Fitting a Square Peg In a Round Hole
A humorous look at the importance of understanding the subcultures that  exist in the workplace.
  •  Powerful Presentations:  Stay Connected with Your Audience
Steps and techniques to help participants understand how to inform and persuade audiences.
  • The Six Dimensions of Communication:
Interactive workshop dealing with communication on all levels, speaking, sharing, listening.  A custom workshop  that will help audiences enhance  communication skills.
  • Professional Presence:You Never Get a Second Chance
Specific fun techniques in presenting yourself as a top product.
It take 5 seconds to make a good or bad first impression.
What is Holding You Back?
To get what you want you have to know who you are. Sylvia helps you get moving from victim to winner
Workshops :
  • Professional Presence:You are the Product
An interactive workshop  to help individuals identify the power of presence.
  • Why Should I Care About the Culture of Image in the Workplace?
A one day workshop  to explore  the  cultures of image in the workplace today.      
Special consultations for women and men on Executive Presence: How to Dress for Success, ClosetAudits and Makeovers
  • Doing your Homework: Be Prepared
A humorous look at what can happen when you enter the workplace and have not done your homework
  • What Do They Mean When They Say "Empower Yourself"?
How to move from feeling powerless to empowered. Learn how to conquer your fears.
  • INCREDIBLE BUSINESS:Advice and SkillS For Solopreneurs
   A workshop that offers advice and skills discussed in the book INCREDIBLE BUSINESS to anyone interested  in starting a business.
  • Empower Yourself: Become "MAZE BRIGHT"
A day devoted to learning how to navigate through the maze of work and life. You will emerge with your own map to help you become "maze bright".
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