Sylvia has worked in all areas of communication for more than 25 years. As a speaker, author, leader and strategist, Sylvia has developed a passion for helping individuals weave their way through the maze of  people, positions, politics, and power brokers in work and life. She is skillful in assessing a situation and then producing a creative, effective and practical plan for her clients to move forward. Sylvia has coached and guided more than 1,000 men and women to help them improve professional and personal workplace difficulties and achieve their quest for success. 
Whether in the boardroom of Fortune 100 companies such as, IBM, DELL and 3M, or within a small start-up, Sylvia is dedicated to using her vast experience to help her clients transition  and emerge with the ability to maximize their full potential...moving from "what is" to "what can be"
 Sylvia's warmth and humor will immediately put a client at ease as they assimilate new ways of operating to achieve their full potential. As one client said,"Sylvia is a master change artist. She  transforms men and women into more successful leaders." 
Sylvia is a professional trainer and a popular keynote speaker. She has given hundreds of presentations in more than 35 states and Puerto Rico
 She is a founding member and Vice Chair of membership of the National Speakers Association Austin, a member of The National Speakers Association and a former vice chair at the Austin Chamber of Commerce, a member of Leadership Texas and Leadership Austin for over twenty years and  continues to be an active volunteer in  education and women's issues in the community.She has a bachelors of arts in communication and masters of science in psychology.
Sylvia is proud to be one of the co-authors of INCREDIBLE BUSINESS released Spring of 2011. It is designed to plan, clarify and significantly help people start successfulbusinesses. 
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